XTK Community Hub
Imagine an island in the Ocean with its white sandy beaches, crystal clear warm water, and a pleasant climate. On this Island, you find a unique purple Café, you walk in, and you see Xii, welcoming you with a friendly:
" Hello Ape, welcome to the xToken.Cafe, Please choose a pool"
This is the community hub for the XTK token. Community Vesting liquidity incentives, staking and protocol governance have or will find a home in the xToken Cafe.
See below for information on our Community Vesting liquidity program starting February 25, 2021 and lasting at least 10 weeks.

The basics:

    Users acquire the xAsset directly at xToken Market or via a DEX like Uniswap, Balancer or 1Inch
    Users provide liquidity to select Uniswap, Balancer and 1Inch pools. These pools hold 50% of capital in an xAsset and 50% in either one or two other assets, depending on the pool.
    Users stake their LP tokens on xToken Cafe and XTK rewards accrue linearly based on proportional share of LP tokens staked.

Claiming the rewards:

    Users must exit the staking contracts in order to claim. This means that your LP tokens will be unstaked when you claim.
    User rewards are escrowed for 6 weeks after the exit/claim transaction. Rewards will be vested and fully receivable 6 weeks after the claim.
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