xToken Terminal (Coming Soon)
Protocol Bootstrapping
Via products like xU3LP and frameworks like xAssetCLR, we’ve developed an expertise in building on top of Uniswap V3. We’ve also experimented with several flavors of liquidity mining and incentive structures, providing us insight into some of the tools that bootstrapping DeFi projects need to have at their disposal.
With this in mind, we’re building a generalized liquidity mining framework for Uniswap V3 where anyone will be able to incentivize liquidity within a concentrated price range in just a few intuitive clicks. Using our portal, pool admins will be able to configure vesting periods, reward durations and rewards rates. LPs will be able to track their positions, discover new incentive programs and claim/vest rewards, all through our easy interface.
We intend to deploy Terminal on L1, Arbitrum and Optimism.
Last modified 3mo ago
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