xToken Lending
We are excited to be live with xToken Lending on Arbitrum. We've been discussing "xLend" in the community for a long time as a product that would allow holders of xAssets (e.g., xAAVE) to deposit their yield-generating investments as collateral in order to borrow stablecoins. Due to persistently high gas prices on mainnet, we decided to launch Lending on Arbitrum first, with the possibility of launching on mainnet or alternative L2s later on. See our governance post here for more of the reasoning behind that decision.
For now, we've only listed vanilla collateral assets (like WETH, WBTC), with the intention of listing yield-generating assets soon.
xToken Lending is a simplified lending protocol that cuts out a lot of the (sometimes) superfluous functionality seen in other lending protocols. For xLend, the flow is simple. Users can deposit certain assets as collateral and they can borrow USDC, exclusively.
Collateral assets in and USDC out.
Similarly, on the lenders side, the only lendable asset is USDC. We approached xLend this way because we noticed that there is a limited if non-existent borrow market for most assets on alternative lending protocols.

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