What are xTokens/xAssets?

xTokens (a.k.a. xAssets) are ERC20 wrapper tokens for staking, governance, and liquidity strategies. xToken offers simple set-and-forget tokens that provide simplified exposure to the returns from participating in staking protocols and liquidity provision without all the work and transaction fees of managing positions on your own.

Is it safe to use xToken?

  • This project is still very young. Before you buy xTokens make sure you understand that there risks involved.
  • The biggest risk is the large number of integrations. So everything has to work together, and you're exposed to several layers of smart contract risk. But we're being very careful with testing it.
  • There always risks of smart contract bugs and hacks.
  • As always with any DeFi product, do your own research and decide for yourself.

Is xToken audited?

Why is the price lagging on CoinGecko?

Third-party sites query recent prices from decentralized exchanges like Balancer and Uniswap where xTokens are traded. Sometimes there can be a delay or a short-term difference, but prices will correct over time.

What are the management fees?

xToken charges a small fee for minting and burning xTokens and a management fee on claims. Refer to the asset page on xToken Market for each individual xToken for current prices.

Does xToken have control of your funds?

No. You maintain full custody of your xAssets. xToken contracts have admin functions to allow for the management of each fund. However, these admin functions are limited and do not exercise control of funds. xSNX and xAAVE contracts are deployed behind proxy multisig contracts, where xToken is unable to push an upgrade until a community signer or core contributor approves. All other contracts are deployed behind proxies controlled by the team multisig.

How do xTokens gain value or earn returns?

Staking and LP rewards (i.e., protocol revenue) accrue to the value of the tokens. While your xAsset balance will not change, the number of underlying base tokens that your xAssets are redeemable for will increase over time.
For example, if you mint 100 xKNCa with 10 KNC, after some period, those 100 xKNCa will be redeemable for 11 KNC due to the accumulation of staking rewards.

When burning a token to get back origin token, what does "max redeemable" mean?

It is the amount of xTokens that can be burned, depending on the liquidity that is available for the underlying asset.

If tokens are vested, what is the condition that makes them "claimable"?

Your tokens are vested for 6 weeks after you "claim" on the xtoken.cafe interface.

I staked my XTK, where can I see how much I’ve accumulated in XTK rewards?

On the Multi-Staking page of xtoken.cafe, refer to the side panel and note how much XTK you initially staked. Compare to "My XTK value" on the same page.
Last modified 2mo ago