Earn XTK
Users of Web 2(facebook, twitter, google) and traditional financial services (Paypal, JP Morgan) generate a lot of value for those companies but are almost never included in capturing the value they produce nor can they formally influence the direction of those companies. In contrast users of emerging Web 3 & DeFi platforms are rewarded for the value they bring to platforms and have the ability to influence the direction of the platforms they use.
The native asset of the xToken platform is XTK. We use XTK to reward users for using new xToken products and performing needed services that benefit the xToken platform. These products and services will change overtime but users can expect to earn XTK when bringing value to the xToken platform. The more value a user brings to the platform the more value they can capture value for themselves while also gaining proportional influence over the direction of the xToken platform.
This model is not only fairer than the previous Web2 and Tradfi paradigm but its also a great way to build a large group of interested and talented stakeholders that understand the xToken platform and want to see xToken succeed.
The next pages show how an interested user can earn XTK.
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