Key concepts
Auto-compounding - automation of the claiming and reinvestment of fees earned from staking or liquidity positions into the underlying staking contract or liquidity pool
Composable - a component or part of a larger network that can be assembled or used in many ways with other composable parts according to user/builder preferences;
Fungible Yield - Uniswap v3 concentrated liquidity positions are minted as NFTs and assume the form of non-fungible yield bearing assets; xU3LP positions are ERC-20 wrappers which create fungible yield out of previously non-fungible yield; every share of a xU3LP instance is fungible with the others
Liquidity Provision - the process of adding assets to a liquidity pool on an automated market maker for the purpose of earning fees from swaps routed through a liquidity pool
Mandated Governance - opinionated but bounded representation in protocol governance decisions on behalf of xAsset depositors
Multi-staking - holders of a token having multiple staking options that align with their risk/reward appetite
Productive asset - an asset that earns income for the holder
Staking - the locking of an asset in a specific smart contract for the purpose of earning yield offered by a protocol; staking an asset usually serves a purpose for the application it represents such as security, insurance, collateral, liquidity, etc.
xAssets - are tokenized strategies that maximize yield, eliminate mental overhead, and maintain liquidity; these strategies are represented by ERC-20 tokens which are accessible to anyone in the world with an Ethereum wallet and an internet connection
Any other concepts that might be useful?
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